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Our Vision and Values

"A lot of other companies are doing the same. What we have is superior product quality and value. And that makes us the preferred choice of many prestigious foreign buyers."     -  Sudhir Avasthi  (Chief Executive Officer)

Working from the world's largest producer of Milk, India, for more than four decades, Milkfood Limited has achieved tremendous growth in capacity, quality, technology and goodwill.

Manufacture of high-end products like Casein and Demineralized Whey Powder for the ever-competitive export market, began at our new state-of-the-art facility in 2006. While a lot of other companies are doing the same, what we have is superior product quality and value. In a short span of time we have earned many prestigious foreign buyers.

We, at Milkfood Limited, solemnly affirm our commitment to uncompromising quality of our products, which will subsequently facilitate us widen our customer base and enhance the level of customer satisfaction (the most legitimate purpose of any business, in our opinion).

To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

The implementation of our mission statement is evident in virtually every area of Milkfood Limited. Our products, from Ghee and Milk Powders to Edible Casein are processed to realise their greatest nutritional and economic potential.

Milkfood works hard to make the food we all enjoy more available and affordable, enhancing the quality of life.