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Edible Grade Acid Casein

Casein is a protein that is found only in Milk, giving Milk its white color. An integral constituent of Milk which helps in building immunity, it is highly nutritious, possessing all the essential amino acids widely used in different food preparations, and as a binding agent.

At Milkfood Limited, we manufacture Edible Acid Casein, which is a low fat milk protein, free of carbohydrates. It has good flavour and excellent dietary properties that makes it ideal for medical and nutritional application.

Salient Features of Acid Casein

Low in Minerals i.e. Calcium and Phosphates
Good Flavour Stability
High Nutritive Value
Heat Stability
High Shelf Life


Analogue Cheese
Coffee Whiteners
Whipped Toppings
Bakery Products
Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
Milk Substitute in Processed Foods
Noodles, Chocolates and Sweets


S.No. Parameters Specifications
1 Fat % <= 2.5
2 Protein % As is >=82.0
3 Minerals % <=3.0
4 Moisture % <= 12.0
5 Disc Max B (15.0 mg)
6 pH - value 4.1 - 4.9
7 TPC    / g <= 30,000
8 Coliform   /0.1 gm Negative
9 E-Coli   / g Negative
10 Yeast & Moulds   / g <=50
11 Salmonella    / 25g Negative
12 S. Aureus   / 0.1g Negative

Our ProductsDairy and Value Added

Skimmed Milk
Skimmed Milk Powder
Adpi Extra Grade

Made from evaporated and spray dried Low-Fat Milk, it is ideal for people on Low Calorie and High Protein Diets.

Full Cream Milk Powder
Full Cream Milk Powder

Obtained in the process of two-step dehydration of liquid milk, it is used in Milk Chocolate, Ice-cream, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and Bakery products.

Edible Grade Acid Casein
Edible Grade Acid Casein

An integral constituent of Milk, Casein is a protein that helps in building immunity, possessing all the essential amino acids.

Demineralized Whey Powders (40%)
Demineralized Whey Powders (40%)

Demineralized Whey Powder is a good source of nutritionally balanced Whey and Lactose.

Dairy Creamer
Dairy Creamer

It adds a smooth, rich flavour to your tea and coffee. Conveniently packaged for easy use, it is an ideal alternative to fresh milk during travel.

Pure Ghee
Pure Ghee

Made from the finest butter, clarified under precisely controlled conditions, Milkfood Ghee has a brand identity integral with Ghee in Indian minds.